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Automate Your Law Firm

Lawyers are working more than ever before. Hours of billable time are spent doing tedious tasks such as client intake, invoicing, and document creation. You can save hundreds of hours each year by integrating a handful of helpful applications with your practice management solution. Join us as we discuss how automation allows lawyers to earn more while working less.

In this free one hour webinar, learn everything you need to know about bringing automation into your firm including:

  • Expanding your law firm beyond traditional employees
  • Finding the right tools to automate tasks
  • Coordinating distributed teams to maximize productivity
  • Having technology do the work for you

Speaker: Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence, Clio

Do you want to work less and earn more? Clio helps thousands of lawyers automate and organize their practice with over 50 integration partners, strong contact management, document templates, and more.

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