How to Start Your Own Law Firm

Guide How to Start Your Own Law Firm A Clio Publication

10 Essential Steps for New and Experienced Lawyers

Whether you’re just launching your legal career, or have been practicing for several years, starting your own law firm can be daunting. How do aspiring legal entrepreneurs cope?

Starting your own firm pushes you in ways that aren’t possible when working for others. You also get to work how and when you like—while earning the respect that comes with owning your own company.

A high degree of hustle is essential to the success of any firm. But, attorneys who know the right business management techniques will quickly become more successful than those working from passion alone.

This free report, How to Start Your Own Law Firm, authored by Jared Correia, aims to help new and experienced lawyers with 10 essential steps:

  • Create a business entity—if necessary
  • Get malpractice insurance
  • Find your first clients
  • Plan your marketing strategies
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