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Social Media: What Lawyers Need to Know

A webinar that explores the ins and outs of social media

While many lawyers err on the side of caution by sticking with more traditional approaches, social media has proven itself as indispensable for the legal profession. Social media is no longer an ambiguous gizmo for the tech-savvy, but rather an essential technological tool that should be used by every lawyer.

See how modern law firms are navigating the vast social seas as we explore how social media is entrenched throughout the legal industry, how we can use it as a legal tool as well as a marketing tool, and how we can take control of our online presence and strengthen our professional network.

Topics covered in this exclusive, one-hour webinar will include:

  • Why lawyers need to be competent in social media,
  • Using social media for risk management of clients,
  • Due diligence research on clients and jurors,
  • Social media as evidence, and
  • Legal communications.

Kemp Edmonds, Solutions Consultant, Hootsuite
Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence, Clio