Legal Practice Management Software

Prevent Legal Malpractice Claims

Nearly half of all malpractice claims can be prevented with the right tools.

45% of all legal malpractice claims are either administrative errors or client relations mistakes.  These are claims that can be prevented. Whether it is transcribing a date incorrectly or being unable to squeeze in one more phone call in a day, malpractice claims  happen to firms that fail to take steps to prevent it. Clio’s cloud practice management software helps protect law firms from preventable legal malpractice claims.

Clio prevents administrative errors

One of the first questions asked when applying for professional liability insurance is whether a new law firm uses practice management software.  Why? Because practice management prevents administrative errors that result in malpractice claims.

Practice management helps lawyers and clients track:

  • Calendar dates
  • Task deadlines
  • Important documents
  • Contacts and conflicts information

Clio makes communication easy

In addition to keeping track of administrative information, practice management also centralizes communications with clients and other parties. Cloud practice management can integrate certified mailings, email, and even phone calls. Firms can automatically add records of communications directly into their  case files for easy reference.  Firms with advanced practice management systems will never miss a phone call again.

Clio cloud practice management includes a client portal that lets lawyers and clients share documents and encrypted messages. Clients can see their upcoming appointments, hearings, and due dates on tasks that have been assigned to them by their lawyer. A client portal allows your clients to access their files at anytime, making them feel connected to their case’s progress. Client relations mistakes are a thing of the past for firms with Clio.

Clio is liked by professional liability insurers

Nationwide providers of malpractice insurance, like ALPS, arrange discounts on Clio’s practice management for their members. They know that practice management software reduces errors and minimizes the chance of a malpractice claim.

Looking to prevent avoidable errors in your law firm? Clio helps thousands of law firms stay on top of case files and reduce the risk of malpractice claims. Try Clio for free, and protect your firm.