Developing Technological Competency as a Lawyer

Guide Developing Technological Competency as a Lawyer A Clio Publication

Debunking Your Everyday Tech Myths

By Casey Flaherty, founder of Procertas

Lawyers must know the benefits—and the risks—associated with the technology they use. This is according to the professional conduct model rule change adopted by the ABA in 2012. A lack of technical proficiency can leave your firm at a disadvantage. It can also be a liability for your practice.

Most software platforms are designed to appeal to the masses —leaving so much untapped potential for productivity and efficiency hidden from plain view. Legal professionals, however, are not common users—legal research, due diligence, and ediscovery embody complicated tasks; motions, contracts, exhibits, and efilings often require highly complex documentation.

Learn more about the untapped benefits—and potential limitations—of the technologies you already use by exploring these commonly upheld tech myths:

  • MYTH 1: Technology is the answer
  • MYTH 2: Technology should be easy
  • MYTH 3: Technology is easy for other people
  • MYTH 4: Technology is for other people
  • MYTH 5: Technology training is a matter of availability or demonstration