Matters, Documents and
Tasks All on Your iPhone


The Clio app amplifies the utility and productivity of your iPhone by giving you access to the features and data you need to run your practice from anywhere.

Re-imagined for iPhone, the Clio app connects you with the most important aspects of your practice including matters, documents, tasks, calendars and client data.

Intuitively designed so that nothing is more than a tap or swipe away, the Clio iOS app gives lawyers unprecedented flexibility and convenience.


With the Clio app you can instantly view, create, edit and delete Matters all on your iPhone. Access any matter with a single tap and add important information all on the go.

The new Matter Timeline feature also gives you a chronological overview of all the important actions that have occurred for any individual matter.


With the Clio app, managing and accessing contact info is simple.

View, create, edit and delete Contacts directly from your phone, and access important client contact info while enjoying the convenience of iPhone features such as tap to phone or email.

Synched to the contact database of your Clio instance, you can quickly add a contact with a single tap.


Manage, access and setup your schedule in the re-imagined Clio app Calendar.

Synched with your calendar in Clio, swipe from left to right to see a daily view of all tasks and items. Or, choose the monthly calendar view to see what your month looks like.

You can also choose between multiple calendars that you have set up in Clio, giving you access to all of your schedules.


Managing and adding tasks while on the go is what makes the Clio app convenient. Easily add, view, create or complete tasks wherever you are.

Create tasks against matters while in a client meeting, or check off completed items with just a single tap. You can also see all the tasks you have on the go in the Calendar feature, or tasks that are coming up in the right slide menu.


With the Clio app you can manage all your time entries for any matter.

Time entries can be added from the Calendar feature for any individual matter as well as individual time entries.

The Clio app also comes with a built-in timer that allows you keep accurate time records for billed time. Easily access and view the timer from any screen by using the right slide menu.

Make Your

Practice Smarter.

introducing the new Clio iOS app