Legal Practice Management Software

Clio for Criminal Lawyers

Managing a Criminal Law Firm with Clio

Your days are spent in and out of the courtroom, your car is a second office, and the notification light on your phone is always flashing. As a criminal defense lawyer, your time is precious. Your razor-sharp wit needs to be focused on protecting your clients and winning cases, and not on keeping track of files, court dates, and administrative tasks. You need a practice management solution that is as agile and quick as you are.

Clio helps criminal lawyers organize their case files, store and review evidence, and manage their firm’s finances. Clio’s practice management software is the mobile tool that travels with criminal lawyers from the office to trial and back.

In this hour-long webinar, you will learn about:

  • Clio’s case management software
  • Clio’s advanced features for criminal law firms
  • Complementary tools available to criminal lawyers
  • One criminal lawyer’s successful use of Clio