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Choosing the Right Legal Practice Management Software

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Choosing the Right Legal Practice Management Software

Nearly half of all malpractice claims involve administrative errors or communications issues between clients and lawyers. Practice management software resolves these issues by organizing and tracking all matters, contacts, administration, and accounting in one place.

In the last decade, cloud-based software has revolutionized how legal firms manage their practice. Practice management software allows lawyers and staff to access firm data from anywhere—while ensuring comprehensive data security and offsite backup protection.

The "Choosing the Right Practice Management Software: How Your Firm Can Make the Most of the Cloud" report looks at some important topics worth considering for your firm, including:

  • Getting Started With Cloud-Based Practice Management Software
  • Managing Workflow and Data for Individual Cases
  • Leveraging Technology for Greater Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Collaborating and Staying Current with All Firm Stakeholders
  • Staying Assured with Industry-Standard Web Security
  • Finding the Freedom to Go Anywhere with Mobile Apps