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How to Choose a Legal Technology Consultant

Technology advancements have had a transformative impact on law firms. Whether it is the venerable fax machine or a modern suite of integrated cloud services, no law firm can exist without technology supporting it.

The challenge of designing, building, and maintaining a technology infrastructure that helps a law firm meet its objectives is difficult for solo, small, and large firms alike. Lots of time and energy is required when implementing a law firm’s technology infrastructure from scratch.

In many instances, ethics opinions recommend lawyers rely on experts, which is why firms are increasingly hiring technology consultants for recommendations on and the management of their practice’s software and hardware needs. These legal technology consultants help lawyers make well-informed decisions regarding the security architecture they have in place and the collaboration and practice management tools they are utilizing—freeing lawyers to focus on their cases, clients, and firms, instead of computer repairs.

Would your firm benefit from using a legal technology consultant?

Find out in this free Clio webinar with special guest, Andres Hernandez, the CEO of Wingman LegalTech. In this hour-long presentation, Clio will explore:

  • Types of services offered by legal technology consultants
  • Questions to ask when considering legal technology consultants
  • Certifications carried by legal technology consultants
  • Sources for finding local legal technology consultants

Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence, Clio
Andres Hernandez, CEO of Wingman LegalTech