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Business Development Strategies for Law Firms

Secrets to Finding and Retaining Clients

78 percent of lawyers say their greatest challenge is acquiring new clients.

Is your law firm’s business development lacking? Whether too focused on looming deadlines or uncertain of the best development approach for their area of law, many law firms do not focus enough energy on building profitable business relationships. This leaves many law firms scrambling for business when they have no work, and leaving money on the table when they are overwhelmed.

An effective business development strategy can provide a consistent client work pipeline throughout the year.

Join Joshua Lenon, Clio’s lawyer in residence, as he explores the best practices for law firm business development. In this one-hour presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Which activities drive client relationships
  • How to track your business development efforts
  • How to calculate return on investment for paid marketing
  • Why focusing solely on new clients may be hurting your law firm’s bottom line