Better Lawyering Through Mindfulness

Guide Better Lawyering Through Mindfulness A Clio Publication

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Today’s modern professionals are busier than ever—doubly so for lawyers. With increased workloads, industry pressures, and distractions abounding, it’s become imperative that lawyers be capable of focusing on the task at hand to better serve their clients and themselves.

Enter mindfulness. Once the domain of people seeking spiritual health, the undeniable benefits of mindfulness have led to it being adopted and implemented by businesses from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Drawing on 12 years’ experience as a practicing attorney and mindfulness advocate, Jeena Cho (author of The Anxious Lawyer) covers:

  • What ‘mindfulness’ is, and how it can benefit your business
  • Simple tips for improving focus and productivity in your law firm
  • How modern attorneys can ease stress and avoid burnout