How Realization Rates Can Increase Firm Profit

Guide How Realization Rates Can Increase Firm Profit A Clio Publication

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Realization rates – the difference between the time you're recording and the percentage of that time paid by clients - directly impacts your firm's bottom line. Recent studies show that realization rates for law firms have been declining steadily - but we're here to fix that.

Learn how to maximize your realization rates, improve your bottom line, and run your firm smoothly - no hired goons necessary.

In today's highly competitive market, two questions are on every law firm's mind:

  • How to calculate your billing, collections, and overall realization rates.

  • How to increased those realization rates to maximize firm profits.

This paper will address both, and explore the hard numbers of determining realization rates before providing guidance on how to create value-adds that will positively impact both the client experience and firm realization rates.