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Designed for the law firm of tomorrow

Clio was developed with the advice and cooperation of bar associations and law societies from across the country. From basic features such as matter and document management, time tracking, and billing, to helpful enhancements such as credit card processing, marketing analysis, and over 50 integration partners, Clio has everything you need to optimize your firm.

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A proactive approach to preventing malpractice

Trust Clio to guide your firm through legal compliance. Clio enables lawyers to stay on top of every detail of a matter, reducing the likelihood of malpractice. In addition, Clio’s communication tools keep clients in the loop, preventing complaints.

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Unify your operations

Out of necessity, many firms use multiple, standalone solutions to manage the day-to-day operations of their practice. We’ve partnered with law societies and bar associations to find and integrate with the most popular applications for legal professionals. Clio seamlessly combines with over 50 your favourite apps and programs under one roof — the only solution that pulls it all together.

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