Legal Practice Management Software

Time is money.
Clio saves you both.

Time is money. Clio saves you both.

Clio legal practice software saves thousands of lawyers 8 hours each week.

Clio’s legal software tools streamline time tracking, billing and document management by enabling easy collaboration and process automation.

Thousands of lawyers in over 50 countries have discovered the time saving benefits of Clio; why not join them?

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Raphael uses Clio and spends the time he saves
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Time Tracking

One-click billing

Tracking time has never been so easy. Start a timer with a single click from any device, whether you’re on the go or in the office.

Client Collaboration

Effective Collaboration

Deliver outstanding service to your clients without being tied to your desk. Collaborate across platforms and devices so you and your client don’t miss a beat.

Easy Calendaring

Time tracking

We can’t promise that you’ll never be late to another meeting, but with Clio you’ll have your daily, weekly and monthly meetings at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Worth every penny!

Being a solo practitioner, I was looking for a comprehensive system that I could access from anywhere, even my iPhone. However, the number one reason that I have switched to Clio is their technical support. To see your comments and/or suggestions (that are so easy to submit) updated and incorporated within the system within hours is worth every penny!
Melanie C. Leonard, Law Office of Melanie C. Leonard, P.C.