Alternative Billing Structures in Law Firms

Guide Alternative Billing Structures in Law Firms A Clio Publication

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Many attorneys assume that alternative billing arrangements are only for basic legal matters such as estate planning, business entity organization, or an uncontested court case. But these types of arrangements can actually benefit lawyers who specialize in many different areas of law and result in satisfied clients as well as healthy law firm realization rates.

This guide explores the process of placing a hard value on your legal services and how alternative billing arrangements can help meet the needs of clients who want to share the risk of legal actions, performance, and results.

We explain what value pricing is and how exactly you can put a price on value—we even give you the equation to do it. We also go through the questions you should ask a client when trying to determine the value that they’re looking for and the pricing options that you can consider when figuring out alternative fee arrangements.

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